Change Is Hard*

I am finally making significant changes. For years, I have been trying to counteract the effects of an event that knocked me off my diabetes regimen by going back to the routine that worked before. But things aren’t the same as they were then. Primarily, I have gained a significant amount of weight. It’s so simple, so common. But so harmful.

Since my weight finally plateaued a few months ago, I can feel how much harder my body has to work to function. I move more slowly, sleep comes harder and isn’t as restful, all the bad habits I conquered have returned. I have had to quadruple my blood pressure medication, and it’s still the high end of normal. I have had to more than double my daily dose of insulin and four months ago I surpassed the high end of normal. Since then, my numbers have dropped slightly, but not enough to put me in the accepted safe range.

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Not Ok

Note: This post is originally from December 19th, 2017

Do you remember Successories, those posters (and so many other products) that had “motivational” sayings on them? Fifteen or twenty years ago, they were everywhere – offices, dorm rooms, and gyms across the country. [Full disclosure: I had a desk calendar. Our office manager chose it.] I suppose the idea was that if you were struggling with Gratitude, Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity, Perseverance, (all those things you’re already bringing to the table), you could just look at one of those posters and muster the strength to be all you could be, to borrow an Army slogan from roughly the same timeframe.

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