Legislative Spotlight

Welcome to our new Legislative Spotlight feature! Here, we will highlight a healthcare bill that needs our help to either pass or to be defeated. The featured bills will mainly come to us from the state legislatures, but sometimes we will include a federal bill. All of these bills will be of high impact to the chronic and autoimmune communities, and we will be asking you to take action with us in opposition or support.

Bill of the month: nonmedical switching (Texas hB 2099 SB580)

This legislation was unanimously voted out of the Texas House Insurance Committee. The bill would only allow insurers to modify drug coverage under their drug benefit coverage if:

  • The modification occurs at the time of coverage renewal

  • The change is uniform across all group health benefit plan sponsors

  • Insurers would be required to notify the patients at least 60 days prior to making these modifications

    • The insurer must also provide a clear explanation that explains the changes and when they will occur



Texan readers, this is where you come in! Contact your state senator and representative and let them know know you support the bill.



In partnership with the Chronic Disease Coalition (CDC)